FLIP Japan Starter Pack

We help you pack so you don't have to

All you need
to start your
journey in Japan

If you’re planning a trip to Japan and you’re not sure what you need to prepare/bring, then you might find our Japan Starter Pack useful! It includes all the essential things you need to travel around Japan, as well as additional items to make your trip smoother and more comfortable. Check it out!

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FLIP Japan Starter Pack

Travelling can be stressful, that's why we are here for you

It’s hard to figure out what you need for a trip, especially if it’s the first time you’re visiting that country. But that’s why we’ve prepared this starter pack for a trip to Japan. It’ll include everything you need, from transportation materials to discounts at certain locations.

The starter pack is fully customisable. It’ll be tailored to what you need and what your itinerary is. Let us help you make the most of your trip!

Useful & Handy

Everything you need to navigate Japan

Flexible & Personal

Pick and choose what you need

Convenient & Easy

Easy pick up so you can use right away

What is included in your starter pack?

Everything you need and then some.

FREE SHIPPING to your airport, accommodation
or pick up at our office in Shinjuku


Japan Travel Consultation
For a limited time only, we will help you plan your itinerary, flights, accommodation and answer any questions you have

Japan Travel Packing Checklist
Check off what you need and what you don't need to bring

Access to local community and events
Make local friends and meet up with different travellers

20% off all FLIP tours
Join us in exploring Japan, from mainstream tourist attractions to underground local spots

How does it work?

We made it easy for you, saving you hours of stress and confusion!

Prior to travelling

Select what you would like and need in your Starter Pack


Go through the recommendations and tips that we send to you via email.

Pick up

Easy pick up from either the airport, post office of your choice or our office.


Enjoy your trip with your starter pack, with local friends ready to help!

Join other satisfied guests!

We are passionate about serving you

Thank you for such an amazing pack! Researching which sim card to get, what to bring, planning the trip took me so much time and luckily I found you guys, and I didn't need to waste my time anymore!


It wasn't just the starter pack, but the fact that I got all the extra bonuses and support, it was amazing! I got to hang out with FLIP Guide team on one of their tours too and it was amazing! Thank you!


I honestly loved this starter pack!!! It was fun hanging out with the team and I know I have friends for life now :) The wifi was great, the transportation card was so cute! I still have it in my room, definitely coming back!


The value definitely worth the price. I was visiting Japan with my whole family and we had different plans some of the days so we needed reliable wifi. No complaints there and everything was very useful. The coupons were great. Great recommendations.


  • Basic Starter Pack
  • 3900
    per pack
  • 1GB SIM card (~7 days)
  • Transportation card (inc 500yen credit)
  • Japan travel information
  • English chat support
  • Japan Travel Guide E-book
  • Tokyo Coupon Collection
  • Bonus: Japan Travel Packing Checklist
  • Bonus: 5-day Japanese language challenge
  • Ultimate Starter Pack
  • ¥5600
    per pack
  • 6GB SIM card (~30 days)
  • Transportation card (inc 500yen credit)
  • Japan travel information
  • English chat support
  • Japan Travel Guide E-book
  • Tokyo Coupon Collection
  • BONUS: Japan Travel Packing Checklist
  • BONUS: 5-day Japanese language challenge
  • BONUS: Access to local community and events
  • BONUS: 20% off all FLIP tours
  • BONUS: Japan Travel Consultation
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