The Flying Circus

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The Flying Circus, located on the south side of Shibuya, may be one of the most chill places in Shibuya. It presents itself as an urban campsite, serving food and drinks out of a trendy caravan. With outdoor and indoor seating, it’s the perfect place to drop by to relax and grab a drink.

This bar provides unusual seating inside a circus tent with comfy chairs and low lighting. Outdoor seating is another option, as well as an open roofed area in front of an awesome painted mural. In terms of unique physical experience, The Flying Circus is definitely the most interesting within our guide so far.

Gin lovers will be glad to know that this bar is known for its customisable Gin & Tonic! That’s right! You can choose your preferred gin from a selection of over 50 crafts gins, and then pair it with your choice of premium tonic water. From international favourites like Monkey 47 to Japanese selections like 9148, this is a one-stop destination for gin lovers to experience high quality gin and tonic in a unique setting. Not a fan of gin? That’s ok, they also offer a variety of soft drinks and a selection of local beers.

Hungry? No problem, although there is only a small food selection, each one is prepared carefully and are all delicious. They offer flavorsome chicken skewers, beef sandwiches, and lemon donuts. These may sound like simple dishes but like their G&Ts, The Flying Circus puts their own unique twist to each dish.



カスタマイズできるジントニックで有名ですが、ジンが好きな人にぴったりです!50種類以上のクラフトジンとプレミアムトニックウォーターを選んで、あなた好みのジントニックにできます!人気の海外ブランドMonkey 47や日本オリジナルの9148など、ユニークなセッティングでハイクオリティーなドリンクを楽しめます!ジンは好みじゃなくても大丈夫!色んなソフトドリンクと地ビールも置いています。


Flying Circus位於澀谷南側,可能是澀谷最能放鬆一下的地方之一。它本身就是一個城市中的營地,在時髦的大篷車供應食物和飲料。設有室內和室外座位,是放鬆心情地享用飲品的理想地方。

這個酒吧在馬戲帳篷內提供與眾不同的座位,配有舒適的椅子和低照明燈。戶外的座位是另一種選擇,以及在令人敬畏的彩繪壁畫前面的開放式屋頂區域。就獨特的體驗而言,Flying Circus絕對是我們目前指南中最有趣的。

杜松子酒愛好者會很高興知道這家酒吧以其可定制的杜松子酒而聞名!那就對了!您可以從50多種工藝杜松子酒中選擇您喜歡的杜松子酒,然後將其與您選擇的優質湯尼水配對。像Monkey 47這樣的國際被喜愛飲品至9148等日本選擇,這是杜松子酒愛好者在獨特環境中體驗高品質的杜松子酒。如您不是杜松子酒的粉絲?沒關係,他們還提供各種飲料和各種當地啤酒。

肚餓?沒問題,雖然只有很少的食物選擇,每一個都經過精心準備,都很美味。他們提供美味的雞肉串,牛肉三明治和檸檬甜甜圈。這些可能聽起來像簡單的菜餚,但就像他們的G&Ts一樣,Flying Circus為每道菜帶來了獨特的風味。

Bar Information

  • Monday - Saturday: 12:00 - 23:00
    Sunday: Closed
  • 4-17 Sakuragaokacho, Shibuya, Tokyo
  • 03-3797-3355
  • Drinks: 580~
    Food: 650~


Underground, Themed, Chill

Early 20s, late 20s, early 30s, late 30s, Japanese, International

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