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Sosanji Bar is one of the best places to have a drink to relax your mood. Located around the quieter side of Shimokitazawa, this is where you should go to enjoy some quality liquors.

Open since 2012, Sosanji is a modern take on the traditional “bar” which is evident through their alcohol selection, interior and laid-back feel. In spite of the absence of the traditional, Sosanji doesn’t lack the professionalism that is expected at the high-end bars. The master here is knowledgeable about the alcohol, understands good service, and in tune with good music.

We were blessed to have sat at the bar where he taught us about the different variety they serve as well as impressed with his song choice, Tupac coming in strong as we rolled in.

The interior here struck me as Japanese minimalist meets Scandinavian design with a splash of the old-school. The place is big enough to hold small events, which they do, with seating at the bar and two tables for groups. They’ve got a TV which was playing a surf clip which was a nice change of pace from the usual movie found at different bars.

Although the drinks are a little bit more expensive, the selection and quality we think is worth every yen. They have a variety of international alcohol as well as hard to find Japanese ones. Until our visit to Sosanji, we never knew that Japan is making rum, and some damn good rum for that matter. But the MVP for me thus far at Sosanji is the Malfy Gin, gin with lemon. For any G & T lovers out there, this is a must try.

Sosanji Barは、リラックスした雰囲気の中でドリンクを楽しむのに最適な場所の1つです。本当に。下北沢の静かな所にある小さなビルの2階にあり、そこでは上質なお酒を楽しむことができます。 2012年以来オープンしているSosanjiは、伝統的な「バー」を現代風に取り入れたもので、アルコールの選択、インテリア、そしてゆったりとしたとこからから明らかです。



飲み物は少し高価ですが、選択肢と品質は各1円に価値があります。彼らは日本の種類を見つけるのが難しいだけでなく、様々な国際的なアルコールも持っています。sosanjiを訪問するまでは、日本がラム酒を作っていることを知りませんでした。とても美味しいラム酒。しかし、これまでのSosanjiでの一番おすすめはジンとレモンでできているMalfy Ginです。G&Tファンのために、これは試してみる必要があります。

在走進A-Side Amusement Bar之前,我已經看過一張桌上足球桌,而不是同一個房間裡的兩張桌子。挑戰朋友的遊戲,專業也人士使用完全相同的桌子,因為國際/國內比賽已經在這個酒吧舉行。



A-Side Amusement酒吧的氛圍非常休閒和舒適,比酒吧更多的酒。這就是你帶來你的伴侶,玩遊戲,喝酒和閒聊的地方。參觀A-Side Amusement Bar肯定會很有趣,所以千萬不要錯過參觀的機會。

Bar Information

  • Everyday: 20:00-4:00
  • 2F 2−9−20 Kitazawa, Setagaya, Tokyo
  • 03-6407-9280
  • Table Charge: ¥300
    Drinks: ¥600~
    Food: ¥600~


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