Cafe and Bar Light

Beers, homemade meals and movie night

Whether you want to have a nice lunch or some late drinks with friends, Light Cafe & Bar is able to cater to your needs. Their retro-inspired style and music makes for a good atmosphere no matter the time of the day. The owner puts on daily movies in the big projector screen so kick back and get ready for movie night.

The menu is a small photo album filled with lots of delicious looking food and drinks - their beer selection is also impressive, perfect for beer-lovers! Outside the place they advertise for their different selections of American-style hot dogs. They also serve a wide range of cold beer to keep your spirits high! What makes for a better combo of hot dog and beer?

Not only are there hot dogs on the menu, but the owner also makes sure to switch up the menu items every now and again. All the dishes are homemade and range from Indian masala curry, burgers, and other great group sharing snacks. Make sure to ask the owner for the dish of the day when you visit!

During our night out at Light Cafe & Bar we tried the one of their hot dogs as well as some of their special cocktails. The China Blue was a hit with the group- not to mention if was quite Instagram worthy! The bar is also situated right next door to several other bars and restaurants making it a great place to begin your bar hopping adventure through Koenji.

Light Cafe & Bar is only a five minute walk from Koenji station, and is perfect for people who just want a drink after a long day, or a group of friends who are looking to have a good time!


素敵なランチをしたいなら、友達と少し遅い夜に数杯のドリンクを飲みたいなら、 Cafe and Bar Lightはあなたのニーズにぴったりです。ここのレトロ風のスタイルと音楽は、時間に関わらず、いつも良い雰囲気を作り出します。店主さんが大きなプロジェクタースクリーンに毎日映画を放映しているので、リラックスして映画の夜に備えてください。



Cafe and Bar Lightに訪ねた際に、私たちはホットドッグといくつかのスペシャルカクテルを試してみました。チャイナブルーは、インスタに載せたくなるカクテルで、グループ内で特に人気でした。ここはバーやレストランのすぐ隣に位置しているので、高円寺を散策しながら冒険を始めるのに最適な場所でしょう。

Cafe and Bar Lightは高円寺駅から徒歩わずか5分のところにあり、長い一日の後に飲み物が欲しい人、または楽しい時間を過ごしたい友達のグループにぴったりです。


無論您想要與朋友共進美味午餐或深夜喝杯,Cafe and Bar Light都能滿足您的。無論什麼時候他們的複古風格和音樂都營造了良好的氛圍。店主在大型投影儀屏幕上播放每日電影,所以請放鬆地準備電影之夜。

菜單是小相冊內裝滿了許多美味的食物和飲料 - 他們的啤酒選擇也令人印象深刻,非常適合啤酒愛好者!在外面的地方為不同的美式熱狗選擇作宣傳。他們還提供各種冰凍啤酒,以保持您的精神!有什麼比熱狗和啤酒更好的組合?


我們在Light Cafe & Bar的夜晚,我們嘗試了其中一款熱狗及他們的一些特殊雞尾酒。China Blue很受我們歡迎 - 適合在Instagram上發佈的照片!酒吧也位於其他幾家酒吧和餐廳的隔壁,通過Koenji開始酒吧跳躍冒險的好地方。

Light Cafe & Bar距離Koenji車站僅有5分鐘步行路程,非常適合在漫長的一天後享用飲品的客人,或者是一群希望享受美好時光的朋友!

Bar Information

  • Mon-Sun: 18:00-5:00
  • 4-7-15 Koenji-minami, Suginami, Tokyo
  • 03-3318-8003
  • Drinks: 700~
    Food: 550~


Chill, Dive Bar, Hipster, Local, Underground

Japanese, early 20s, late 20s, early 30s, late 30s

All genre, throwback