Gyoza Bar


This tiny little cafe can be found between Shibuya and Aoyama. This place serves delicious gyoza and other delightful bar foods. But what makes this different from other gyoza places is that they recommend pairing gyoza with wine! An odd combination we’ve not seen elsewhere.

As its name suggests, the interior decor of the bar has a Parisian feel about it, as if you had just stepped into a wine bar in Paris. Also as its name suggests, the main dish here is gyoza. They serve classy French-Japanese fusion morsels such as the French-onion-soup-inspired onion gratin gyoza, and gyoza topped with grated daikon radish. We washed these tasty dishes down with some very reasonably priced sparkling wine—an odd combination, as we’ve mentioned before, but also a very delicious one. Gyoza Bar Comme A Paris also offers seasonal dishes such as the truffle-flavored shumai (dim sum) that we had—yum!

Brightly lit with shared tables, the layout makes it very easy to strike up a conversation with a neighbor. The staff is very friendly as well, happy to provide recommendations should you ask for them.

If you’ve spent the day shopping in Omotesando, Aoyama or Shibuya and feel like having a bite and tipple, we 100% recommend Gyoza Bar!