Garlic Chips

So much more than just garlic chips here


Garlic Chips reminds me of both Western saloons of old and English pubs, both of which I adore. The lacquered-wood bar counter and tables, the nice, warm lighting… All of it makes me feel so at home. Garlic Chips is the kind of place I could spend hours in, with a couple of good friends.

There are two floors in Garlic Chips. On the first floor, there’s a couple of tables and the bar counter. Behind the bar counter is a tall wall full of alcohol bottles. You’ll notice some of them have names on it; You can buy a bottle of your own and Garlic Chips will store it for you, for as many visits as it takes for you to finish it.

The second floor overlooks the first, so it’s not a stuffy room but more of a terrace. Up there, there’re tables that fit groups of four to six. Just be warned that the toilet is on the first floor, so if you don’t like going up and down stairs, you might wanna take a seat at the bar or at a table on the first floor.

As its name implies, Garlic Chips serves garlic chips. I personally am not a fan of those chips, but I do applaud them including garlic in just about every other dish they serve as well (try the garlic fried rice, it is divine).

If you come in on a weekday, they’ve also got an all-you-can-drink-for-an-hour for 1000 yen deal. You just have to have two drinks in an hour and you’ve gotten your money’s worth.

Good drinks, great food, and a lovely, warm atmosphere. Garlic Chips would be a nice place to spend a winter’s evening in with a couple of friends.


ガーリックチップには2つのフロアがあります。 1階にはテーブルがいくつかとバーカウンターがあります。バーカウンターの後には、アルコールボトルがたくさん並んでいます。それらの名前に気づくでしょう。あなた自身のボトルを購入することができますし、ガーリックチップは、あなたがそのボトルを終わらせるまで保管してくれます。なので、何回かけてもそのボトルを飲み続けられます。


その名前が示すように、Garlic Chipsはニンニクのチップを提供しています。私は個人的にはチップのファンではありませんが、ニンニクを含めた他の料理は褒めます。(ニンニクの炒め米を是非、試してみてくださいね)。



Garlic Chips讓我想起了古老和英式酒吧,我這兩種酒吧都喜歡。漆木吧台和桌子,漂亮,溫暖的燈光......所有這一切讓我感覺如在家。 Garlic Chips是我和幾個好朋友一起度過幾個小時的地方。

Garlic Chips有兩層樓。在一樓,有幾張桌子和吧台。吧台後面是一個裝滿酒精瓶的高牆。你會注意到一些酒精瓶有名字; 您可以購買自己的一瓶,Garlic Chips將為您存儲至把它喝完。


顧名思義,Garlic Chips供應大蒜片。我個人不是大蒜片的粉絲,但是我鼓勵他們,大蒜放在其他的菜式(嘗試大蒜炒飯,它是神聖的)。


良好的飲料,美味的食物,以及可愛,溫馨的氣氛。 Garlic Chips是一個與幾個朋友度過冬天傍晚的好地方。

Bar Information

  • Mon-Sat 16:00-3:00
    Sun 16:00-12:00
  • 1F 1-13-8 Takadanobaba, Shinjuku, Tokyo
  • 03-3232-1490
  • Drinks: ¥500~
    Food: Tapas ¥300~ | Main ¥600~


Mainstream, Dive bar, Busy, Chill

Japanese, early 20s, late 20s, early 30s, late 30s

Throwback, All-genre