Far Yeast Tokyo – Beer & Bao

Far Yeast Brewing in Shibuya with craft beer and fusion Bao

Modern Izakaya, Authentic and Creative

A modern twist on Japanese izakayas, Amber 9 has succeeded at being both stylish and traditional. You see the traditional parts of Japanese izakayas in the wooden tables and the food menu (though the food, too, gives the typical izakaya food menu a fresher spin), and the stylish parts of it in the dim lightings, the bar counter and the clientele—unlike large, rowdy crowds often seen at izakayas, Amber 9 caters to smaller, more intimate pairs or groups.

This is evident in their seating plan. The bar is separated by a pillar into two small alcoves that fit two people each. It’s cozy and perfect for dates. A similar alcove for two is found further in the back of Amber 9, though that one is slightly more spacious. All the way in the back, in the corner, is a table for four that is partially hidden by a wall. If you’re looking for some privacy and intimacy, we recommend these seating options.
Food served here, as mentioned above, is also a mix of authenticity and creativity. The perfect example would be their carbonara udon, a delicious mix of Italian and Japanese fare. The rest of their menu is just as interesting.

It’s no surprise that their drink menu is just as compelling, involving the refreshing use of lychee and yuzu juices, and much more. There are also, of course, typical bar drinks such as Gin & Tonic, Moscow Mule and draft beer.

In short, Amber 9 is ideal for smaller groups of perhaps two to four for a nice dinner with a drink or two to go along with it. It’s classy but not snooty; elegant but not stiff; tasteful and homey. Highly recommended for catch-up sessions between friends and date nights!