They have everything but dogs

No dogs here I’m afraid, but there’s still lots of fun to be had with a card game or two to go with your drinks.

When I first heard we’d be visiting Dogberry, the dog-lover in me got incredibly excited. From the name, I imagined Dogberry would be something akin to Sound Bar Lip, a bar with a dog running around, happy to play with and love customers. However, Dogberry turned out to be dog-less. In spite of that, my visit to Dogberry has made it one of my favorite places.

Walking in, my first thought was that Dogberry looked like a shisha joint: low coffee tables and couches as opposed to regular tables and chairs. Lighting is dim and unintrusive, with just a few ceiling lights and a handful of small standing lamps by each table. There are cloths of various colors and patterns and nets hung along the walls and from the ceiling, serving as decoration and curtains, creating a homey, cosy atmosphere. I felt as though I was in someone’s basement-turned-room.

Once you’re seated, one of the first few things you’ll notice is a little tin on your table. Inside it you’ll find two small notebooks and some coloring pencils. While you’re waiting for your (reasonably-priced) food and/or drinks, feel free to doodle or write in the notebooks, or flip through them and take a gander what other people who’ve previously sat in your seat before have drawn and/or written.

The highlight of my visit to Dogberry was a little shelf full of board games and playing cards. There was Othello and Jenga and UNO and Old Maid and regular packs of trump cards and more. Play a game or two with your friends. It gets increasingly fun as you and your friends get increasingly drunk on Dogberry’s fairly strong drinks.

Located three or four minutes’ walk from the closest station (Koenji station), Dogberry is a convenient visit. If it isn’t to your liking, have no fear, there are plenty of other bars in the area for you to check out and have a good time in as well.


私たちがDogberryを訪れると聞いた時、犬が大好きな私は信じられないほど興奮しました。名前から、私はDogberryがSound Bar Lipみたいに、バー辺りを犬が走り回って、遊んで喜んでお客様を愛する犬がいるみたいに似ていると想像しました。しかし、Dogberryは犬がいないことを判明しました。それにもかかわらず、Dogberry は私の好きな来店する場所の1つになりました。



Dogberryへ落とすれた時のハイライトは、ボードゲームだらけの棚やトランプで遊んだことです。オセロとジェンガ、UNOやオールドメイド、そしてトランプカードなどの定期的なパックがありました。友人と1、2 ゲームプレイして見てくださいね。ドDogberryではかなり強い飲み物が出ますので、酔っていくにつれて、ゲームはますます面白くなります。



当我第一次听到会到访Dogberry时,爱狗的我觉得非常兴奋。从名称来看,我想像Dogberry类似Sound Bar Lip(添加链接),一个有狗跑来跑去的酒吧,很高兴地与客人玩。然而,Dogberry原来是没有狗。尽管如此,Dogberry是我到访过,最喜欢的地方之一。


当访问Dogberry时的亮点是装满棋盘游戏和扑克牌。有奥赛罗 、叠叠乐、UNO牌、抽鬼牌和常规王牌等等。和朋友一起玩一两场比赛。当你们喝到带些醉意时Dogberry会变得越来越有趣。


Bar Information

  • Mon-Sun: 11:30-3:00
  • 2F 3−24−6Koenjikita, Suginami, Tokyo
  • 03-3337-1651
  • Drinks: ¥490~
    Food: Tapas ¥450~ | Main ¥650~


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Japanese, Early 20s, late 20s, early 30s

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