The club in the heart of the city


3 different floors serving different beats, choose what your dancing heart desires at Camelot, and don’t be afraid to mix it up too.

Almost every person you pass on the street in Shibuya will know Camelot because it is one of the more popular clubs, and rightfully so. It is an exciting club for you to dance the night away in, and if you need a moment to breathe, the area further away from the dance floor and closer to the bar is less intense but no less fun. There are tables and counters you can stand at with your drink and/or a cigarette, and you’ll still be wrapped up in the music and the fun.

Different DJs serve the hottest music, everything from your favorite early-2000’s hip hop and rap to the latest Top 40 hits. There’ll be something for everyone in Camelot. If you don’t like what you’re hearing on a certain floor, check out the other two floors in Camelot. At least one of the three floors will have music you like. So grab a drink from one of the gorgeous LED-lit bars and enjoy the music and videos/projections surrounding the club. Join in on the dancefloor anytime you like.

If you’ve got big bags or bulky coats/jackets, don’t worry, there are lockers, so just throw your stuff in there and then dance, free as a bird, feeling light as a feather. Just be sure not to lose the key to your locker.

Camelot is a personal favorite of mine. It has never failed to deliver fun. Most of the times I’ve been to Camelot have been at the end of a night of visiting bars, because I think Camelot is the place for an after party, because you’ll want to end your night on a high note, and Camelot will help you do just that.

P.S. Depending on the time, there’s a kebab stand outside of the club, so if you’re feeling peckish, you can grab a quick bite from there when you arrive/leave Camelot.



あなたの好きな2000年代初期のヒップホップやラップから最新のヒット40曲まで、様々なDJが一番ホットな音楽を提供しています。キャメロットでは皆んなに合う何かがあります。特定のフロアで聞いているものが気に入らない場合は、Camelotの他の2つのフロアをチェックしてみるのもありです。 3つのフロアの少なくとも1つには、好きな音楽があるはずです。なので、豪華なLED照明のバーから飲み物を頼み、クラブの音楽やビデオ/投影をお楽しみください。いつでも好きなダンスフロアに参加して見てください!





這裏擁有不同的DJ提供十分熱門的音樂,從你最喜歡的早期2000年的嘻哈和說唱到最新的40強熱門歌曲。 Camelo能夠為每個人提供一些他們喜歡的東西。如果您不喜歡在某個樓層聽到的音樂,你可以去查看Camelot的其他兩個樓層,三層中至少有一層會有您喜歡的音樂。因此,您可以從華麗的LED照明酒吧享用飲品,欣賞俱樂部周圍的音樂和視頻/投影,並隨時加入舞池。


Camelot是我個人的最愛,它從未令過我失望。我去Camelot的大部分時間都是在派對即將完結前,因為我認為Camelot是一個最後派對的最佳場所,大部份人都想要以激昂的節奏結束你的夜晚,而Camelot幫助你做到這一個要求。 附:根據不同時段,俱樂部外面有一個烤肉架,所以如果你感覺肚餓,當你到達/離開Camelot時,你可以從那裡快速咬一口。

Bar Information

  • Mon-Sun 21:00-4:30
  • 1−18−2 Jinnan, Shibuya
  • 03-5728-5613
  • Drinks: Mixers ¥800~
    Bottles ¥15,000~


Mainstream, Busy, All You Can Drink

International, Early 20s, Late 20s, Early 30s

Top 40s, EDM, Trap, Bass, Hip Hop, Dubstep, Other

Dance Shows, Burlesque Shows

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