Bar Phular

Treat yourself to a taste of the finer things in life.

This bar is tucked away in an alley that only has the front doors of people’s houses on it; Bar Phular is the only bar in that alley, though it’s hard to miss its large, bright sign that says “SHOT BAR” right outside it. That, and the small awning, are the only things that identify it as a bar. Otherwise, it’d simply look like another door into someone’s home.

Inside, the bar looks like both a tavern and a modern bar. The bar area looks older, a real backstreet-alley-in-Victorian-times kind of vibe. The other side of the bar where the tables are is more ‘regular’ in that you could probably find a similar setting in many other bars. We highly recommend sitting at the bar instead, where there are large jars filled with roots-infused alcohol, little trinkets such as small displays of jewellery (which are for sale), and tiny puzzles such as a cube you have to unlink or a 3D jigsaw puzzle.

You will be served tiny little snacks: chocolates, chips, peanuts. Try each one all at the same time; it’s a good combination culminating in a burst of flavors in your mouth.

Bar Phular also offers cigars which are kept in a temperature-controlled box, all fancy-like.

Though the tables in Bar Phular do seat larger groups, we think this elegant, quiet bar is better for dates or for a intimate one-on-one session with a close friend.

このバーは、人の家の正面玄関だけがある路地に隠れています。 Bar Phularはその路地の唯一のバーですが、そのすぐ外にある「SHOT BAR」と書かれた大きな、明るい看板を見逃すのは難しいです。それ、そして小さな天幕は、バーとして表す唯一のものです。さもなければ、それは単に誰かの家に別のドアのように見えるだろう。



Bar Phularはタバコを提供しています。タバコは温度調節された箱に保管されています。

Bar Phularのテーブルは大きなグループで座われますが、このエレガントで静かなバーは、デートや親しい友達との親密な1対1のセッションに合います。

這個酒吧隱藏在一條小巷裡,裡面只有人們家的前門 ; Bar Phular是那條巷子裡唯一的酒吧,雖然很難錯過它外面的“SHOT BAR”的大而明亮的標誌。那個小遮陽篷是唯一可以將其識別為酒吧的東西。否則,它看起來就像進入某人家的另一扇門。

酒吧內部看起來像酒館和現代酒吧。酒吧區看起來更古老,是一個真正的後街 - 維多利亞時代的氛。酒吧的另一邊桌子是“整齊”,你可能會在許多其他酒吧找到類似的設置。另一側更“整齊”,因為您可能會在許多其他欄中找到類似的設置。我們強烈建議坐在吧台里,那裡有裝滿酒精蓋的大罐子,小飾品,如小型珠寶(可以出售),還有小巧的謎題,比如你要取消連接的立方體或3D拼圖遊戲。

這裡有小點心:巧克力,薯條,花生。同時嘗試每一款 ; 這是一個很好的組合,最終會在你嘴裡爆發出一股味道。

Bar Phular還提供雪茄保存在溫度控制的盒子裡,一切都像花哨一樣。

雖然Bar Phular的桌子可以容納更大的團體,但我們認為這個優雅,安靜的酒吧更適合約會或與親密的朋友進行親密的一對一會談。

Bar Information

  • Monday-Saturday: 19:00-2:00
    Sunday: Closed
  • 3-1-13, Kita, Koenji, Suginami-ku, Tokyo
  • N/A
  • Drinks: 650~


Underground, Dive bar, Chill, Classy

International, early 20s, late 20s, early 30s, late 30s

All genre