Bar Impronta

Cozy on up in here with a glass of wine

What is memorable about Bar Imprompta is its interior design. Right by the entrance, there is steel spiral staircase leading up to the second floor where there are tables that seat four people. There will be a table charge for these seats. Along the staircase, you’ll find things that you’d see in a hipster store: books, glasses, jars, flowers, and more. It’s a very chic place.

On the first floor is where the bar counter is. It only seats three people, and it’s pretty cramped. If you’ve got bags, you’ll have to keep them in your lap. And if the person sitting by the wall needs to go to the bathroom, everyone seated at the bar will have to move out of the way.

Though the bar area is cramped, it’s also very cosy. It’s as though you have this little corner all to yourself. And of course, if you’re at the bar, you can make conversation with the bartender who will be more than happy to reciprocate.

They mainly serves wine, and if you speak Japanese, the bartender will happily explain the various wines they have available. They also have a food menu that serves small dishes such as an assortment of cheese, or a few slices of salami. The food they serve seems to have been carefully selected based on how well it complements wine.

Bar Imprompta is great for a short visit. After a while, you might start to feel a little bit claustrophobic. If that happens, there are plenty of other bars in the area, so you can check them out as well after your visit to Bar Imprompta.

Bar Impromptaについて忘れられないのは、そのインテリアデザインです。入り口のすぐそばには、4人用のテーブルがある2階へと続く鋼製のらせん階段があります。これらのせ席にはテーブルチャージがかかります。階段を進むと、ヒップスターな店で目にするもの、本、めがね、瓶、花などがあります。とてもシックな場所です。




Bar Impromptaは、短期訪問に最適です。しばらくすると、少し閉所恐怖症を感じるかもしれません。もしそれが起きても、その地域にはたくさんの他のバーがあるので、Bar Impromptaの後にそれらをチェックアウトすることができます。


Bar Imprompta的內飾設計令人難忘。在入口處,有一個鋼製螺旋樓梯通往二樓,那裡有可容納四人的桌子。這些座位將收取桌費。沿著樓梯,你會發現你在時髦商店裡看到的東西:書籍,眼鏡,罐子,鮮花等等。這是一個非常時髦的地方。

一樓是酒吧櫃檯。它只能容納三個人,而且非常狹窄。如果你有袋子,你必須把它們放在膝蓋上。如果坐在牆邊的人需要去洗手間,坐在酒吧的每個人都必須行出去。 雖然酒吧區域狹窄,但也非常舒適。就好像你有這個小角落一樣。當然,如果你在酒吧,你可以與酒保交談,他們會非常樂意回應。 、


Bar Imprompta非常適合短暫停留。過了一會兒,你可能會開始感到有點幽閉恐懼症。如果發生這種情況,該地區還有很多其他酒吧,因此您可以在參觀Bar Imprompta酒吧後查看其他。

Bar Information

  • Everyday: 18:00-24:00
  • 3 Chome-2-19 Koenjikita, Suginami, Tokyo
  • 03-6873-7670
  • Drinks: 600~ Snacks: 300~


Underground, Dive bar, Chill, Classy

International, Japanese, Late 20's, Early 30's, Late 30's

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