Bar Dunk

Perfect spot for your special night

The shop front of bar Dunk is completely transparent, with floor-to-ceiling windows and a glass door, making for a very sleek and stylish exterior. It looks like a fancy, hipster coffee shop you'd find in Ginza. But inside, you're in for a surprise.

What stood out to me about Bar Dunk was its interior, because I don’t think I’ve ever been to a bar with porcelain tile walls before. It’s cool to the touch and its shininess makes it pretty to look at. The colour scheme that they’ve chosen--white and blue--gave me a very Mediterranean, Greece in particular, kind of feel (Think Mamma Mia!, the movie).

Another thing that stood out to me was how the seats were arranged. There are a couple of tall tables that seat four people, each table enclosed with high walls of the same pretty porcelain tiles I mentioned earlier. The high walls create this sense of privacy that immediately made me feel relaxed and at home. It was cosy, sitting in a little cove of our own. Although, be warned that the high walls also mean it’s near impossible to wave down a server; unfortunately, you’re just gonna have to speak up and call for them. So if your Japanese isn’t great, just memorise the Japanese phrase for ‘excuse me’ (‘sumimasen’) before coming here.

If you’re with just a friend or two, maybe you’d like to sit at the bar instead. There’s a TV above the bar and they might be playing a movie you like (they were playing Captain America: Winter Soldier when I was there).

We ordered two dishes, and both were delectable. I think it’s safe to say the rest of their food menu is as well. The drinks are priced reasonably, too.

Lovely interior design and good food can be found in Bar Dunk. I think it’s worth the visit if you’re in the area. And if it isn’t to your liking, there’s a bunch of bars in the area, so there’s no lack of options here.

Bar Drunkのショップフロントは完全に透明で、床から天井までの窓とガラスのドアがあり、とてもつやつやでスタイリッシュな外面になっています。銀座で味わうファンキーなヒップスターコーヒーショップのようです。しかし、内部では、驚くでしょう。

Bar Dunkが私の目に入った理由は、今まで、磁器のタイルの壁があるバーに行ったことがないからです。それは触ってもかっこいいし、その輝きは見るだけで魅力的に感じます。彼らが選んだカラースキームの白と青は、私を地中海のギリシャにいるかのように感じさせてくれました。(映画の Mamma Mia!のように)。




素敵なインテリアデザインとおいしい料理はBar Dunkにあります。あなたがこの地域にいるなら、訪れる価値があると思います。もしあなたの好みに合っていなければ、そのエリアにはバーがたくさんあるので、オプションが山ほどあります。

Bar Dunk的前門是完全透明的,並設有落地玻璃窗和玻璃門,營造出時尚和有個性的風格。看起來就像你在銀座找到的一個華麗時髦的咖啡店,但在酒吧裡面,你絕對會感到驚訝。

Bar Dunk的特色和不同眾人之處就是它的装修,因为我以前從未去過帶瓷磚牆的酒吧。它的觸感很酷,而且光澤使它看起來很漂亮。他們為酒吧選擇的主題顏色 - 白色和藍色,給了我一個非常有地中海感覺的風情,特别是希臘的感覺(電影Mamma Mia!)。

另一件讓我感到高興的事就是它有幾張高桌,可以容纳四个人,而且每張桌子都用前面提過相同漂亮的瓷磚以高牆的方式圍起來。高牆營造出隱私感,立刻讓我感到放鬆如家。Bar Dunk的環境很舒適,就好像我們坐在自己的小海灣裡。雖然,設有高牆也就意味着幾乎無法向服務員揮手; 但是,你只需要說出來並呼唤他們就可以了。因此,如果您的日语不是很好,請在來這里之前記住日語短語“不好意思”('sumimasen')。



Bar Dunk酒吧提供可愛的室内設計和美食。如果您在該地區閒逛,我認為這個地方絕對值得一遊。如果它不符合您的喜好,該地區還有一大堆各式的酒吧,所以這裏有很多選擇。

Bar Information

  • Mon-Sun 19:00-5:00
  • 5 Chome-35-8 Nakano, Nakano-ku, Tokyo
  • 03-3388-0566
  • Seating Charge: ¥500 Drinks: ¥800~ Food: Tapas ¥500~ | Main ¥800~


Underground, Classy, Chill

Japanese, early 20s, late 20s, early 30s

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