Bar Big Time

Small Place, Big Personality


In Korea Town (Shin-okubo) is Bar Big Time, an underground bar that kind of reminds me of bars in Thailand and Cambodia. The reflective steel tables, the laminated menus that have poor English translations on them, and the crumpled plastic sheet that covers the main entrance… All of it makes Bar Big Time come off very tacky. In actuality, though, Bar Big Time is cool as a cucumber.

The lighting is all blue and purple, creating a club kind of vibe. The music is nowhere near as loud as it would be in a club, though, which allows for comfortable conversation.

If you’re feeling hungry, you’re in luck, because Bar Big Time does have a food menu: one of its own, and several others from other establishments. Due to Bar Big Time’s convenient location, surrounded by restaurants, you can order food from those nearby restaurants and it will be brought to you in Bar Big Time--no delivery charge! Just ask the bartender for the menu. If you’re just a little peckish, Bar Big Time also offers little snacks such as small pizzas and crackers.

Bar Big Time may be small but it is a big hit with people, both Japanese and foreign. It is pretty lively most nights, and many customers are regulars. Bar Big Time has created such a deep rapport with its clientele that they even did a summer beach trip together. You’ll see photos of that trip on a digital photo frame in the bar--they rented a bus, drove out to a beach, had themselves a little BBQ.

Don’t miss this place. Bar Big Time is a great place to have late night drinks in with a snack or two.






在韓國城(新大久保)的Bar Big Time,這是一個讓我想起泰國和柬埔寨酒吧的地下酒吧。反光鋼桌,層壓菜單上的英文翻譯很差,以及覆蓋主入口的皺巴巴的塑料薄片......所有這一切都讓Bar Big Time脫穎而出。但實際上,Bar Big Time作為黃瓜很酷。


如果你感到飢餓,那麼你很幸運,因為Bar Big Time確實有一個食物菜單:一個是自己的,另外幾個來自其他機構。由於Bar Big Time酒店享有便利的地理位置,周圍環繞著餐廳,您可以在附近的餐廳點餐,這將是Bar Big Time帶給您的 - 不收取運費!只需向酒保詢問菜單。如果您只是有點餓,Bar Big Time還提供小點心,如小比薩餅和餅乾。

Bar Big Time可能很小,但它對日本人和外國人來說都是一個巨大的打擊。大多數夜晚都非常熱鬧,許多客戶都是常客。 Bar Big Time與其客戶建立瞭如此深厚的關係,他們甚至一起做了夏季海灘之旅。你會在酒吧的數碼相框上看到那次旅行的照片 - 他們租了一輛公共汽車,開車到海灘,自己做了一點燒烤。

不要錯過這個地方。 Bar Big Time酒吧是享用深夜飲品並享用一兩種小吃的好地方。

Bar Information

  • Everyday: 19:00-5:00
  • B1 1-5-1 Hyakunicho, Shinjuku, Tokyo
  • 03-3207-3720
  • Drinks: ¥500~ Food: ¥300~


Underground, Dive Bar, Chill

Japanese,International, early 20s, late 20s, early 30s, late 30s

All-genre, Rock, Throwback