Bar BaoBab

Probably the only bar that serves African dishes


On the second floor of a building in Shinjuku, behind a Hawaii-ish, wooden sliding door is BaoBab, a small, cosy--maybe even cramped--bar. One of the first few things you’ll notice is the huge shelf chock-full of vinyl records behind the bar, and when we say chock-full, we mean near-breaking-point-full of vinyl records. According to their website, there are over 3000 vinyl records in that shelf. They’re not just decorations either; there is an actual record-player as well.

The actual decor is interesting, to say the least. There are a handful of paintings hung around, and they give off the same vibe as the music that they play in the bar: Soul, funk, hip-hop, jazz, R&B.

There’s a bar counter that seats 20 people, and three separate tables that seat 10 altogether. So, you can come here with a date or you can come here with three or four friends; BaoBab will accommodate you. If you’re coming in a group of friends and you worry about the tables being full, they do accept reservations so just drop them a call.

If you’re starting your night early in the evening and you wanna get some dinner to go with your drinks, BaoBab is a good place to visit. They have an extensive food menu with dishes from Nigeria, Tazmania, Senegal, and many other African countries.

As mentioned before, BaoBab is quite small and you might start to feel as though the walls are closing in on you after some time, so if you’re looking for one bar to spend your entire night in, BaoBab is not it. BaoBab is better as one stop on a night of bar-hopping, or as a place to have a dinner date in. If you’re in Tokyo, do try to visit this bar at least once, though. If it’s not to your liking, have no fear, there are plenty of other bars in the area, too.





前にも述べたように、BaoBabはかなり小さく、しばらくして壁が閉まっているように感じるかもしれないので、一晩中用のバーを探しているならば、BaoBabは会いません。 BaoBabは、多くのバーに来店したい夜、またはディナーのデートの場所でワンストップとして最適です。東京にいる場合は、このバーを少なくとも1回は訪れてみてください。それがあなたの好みではない場合は、心配しなくても大丈夫、そのエリアには多くの他のバーがあります。


在新宿一棟位於Hawaii-ish後面的建築,那裡的二樓,而且是使用木製的推拉門,就是BaoBab了。一個小而舒適 - 甚至對有些人來說是有些狹窄的酒吧。

進店後,最容易令人注意到的就是巨大的貨架 - 酒吧後面充滿了各式各樣的黑膠唱片。根據他們的網站,該貨架上有超過3000個黑膠唱片。它們不僅僅是裝飾品 ; 還有一個真正的唱片播放器,你可以了解一下店主對音樂的品味,或和他互相交流。 其實店面的裝飾都十分有趣和有心思。周圍都有一些畫作,散發出和正在演奏的音樂相同的氛圍:Soul,放克,嘻哈,爵士樂,R&B。

BaoBab有一個可容納20人的吧台,和三張可以總共容納10人的獨立的桌子。所以,你可以來這裡約會,或者帶三四個朋友來這裡 ; BaoBab絕對可以容納一群朋友,如擔心桌子滿座,他們會接受預訂,所以只需給他們打個電話便可預先訂位。 如果你想在傍晚開始你的晚餐及喝些酒,那麼BaoBab是一個不錯的去處。他們提供豐富的食物菜單,包括來自尼日利亞,塔斯曼尼亞,塞內加爾和許多其他非洲國家的菜餚,在其他酒吧是找不到的。

如前所述,BaoBab的空間稍微狹窄,你可能有機會覺得坐在牆壁前長時間會令你有壓迫感。所以如果你想找一個酒吧度過一整個晚上,BaoBab就應該不是最合適的選擇了。BaoBab酒吧是一個Bar Hopping的好地方,或者是一個晚餐約會的地方。如果你在東京,盡量嘗試至少去一次這個酒吧吧。如果它不符合您的喜好,請不要擔心,該地區還有很多其他酒吧。

Bar Information

  • Monday-Saturday: 18:00-5:00 Sunday: 18:00-24:00
  • 2F 3-10-7 Shinjuku, Tokyo
  • 03-5368-0636
  • Drink: 500~ Food: 650~


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