A Sign Bar

Okinawan drinks, jukebox and records


Shimokitazawa is famously known as Tokyo’s quirky little town. This can be experienced through many of the shops lining the side streets and here at A Sign Bar. An Okinawa-themed bar heavily influenced by America through their music, you can experience a little bit of paradise at this cozy little bar, found just a few minutes from Shimokitazawa station. Keep your eyes out for shop with all glass storefront and a neon sign “A”.

Originally from the southern islands, the owner is showcasing Okinawa’s specialty drink called Aomori the traditional way. Lining the length of the counter, you’ll find a variety of Aomori at different grades stored in clay pots. Of course if shochu isn’t your forte, they also have traditional cocktails and beers. They also have a food menu exhibiting some of the best Okinawan dishes.

A-Sign Bar isn’t huge so we wouldn’t recommend going with your whole crew, but they have a spacious counter space seating 8 or so, and a table in the back. The ambience at the counter really does take you back to the seaside; with a table decorated with sand, lights mimicking the refraction of light in the sea, and the sound of crashing waves nearby.

They’ve also got music in the background which is all done through a turntable and a collection of records, and done so that the music doesn’t clash with the waves. If you’re not really enjoying the music or want to put in a request, the master here will happily hear your desires or you can flick through their juke boxes (not a typo), which they have two of. But keep in mind the song info is written in Japanese.

Whether you’re in the area enjoying some curry soup, vintage shopping or just exploring, A-Sign bar is a neat place to grab a drink (or some grub). Relaxing and welcoming, here you can put your feet up (not literally) and enjoy good drinks with good company.


下北沢は東京の風変わりな小さな町として知られています。道に並ぶ多くのショップやA Sign Barで体験できます。沖縄をテーマにしたバーは、その音楽を通してアメリカの影響を強く受けています。下北沢駅からわずか数分のところにあるこの居心地の良い小さなバーで、少し楽園を体験することができます。ガラス張りの店先とネオンサインの「A」が付いている店に注目してください。






下北澤被稱為東京古怪的小鎮, 這可以透過體驗街道兩側林林總總的商店和A Sign Bar酒吧而感受得到。 沖繩主題的酒吧深受美國音樂的影響,您可以在這個舒適的小酒吧體驗一點天堂感覺,而且這個酒吧距離下北澤站僅幾分鐘路程。

店裡所使用的裝飾,玻璃店面和霓虹燈都很有個性。 店主最初是來自南部島嶼,以傳統方式展示沖繩的各種特色飲料,名為青森。 在很長的櫃檯裡,您會發現存放在陶罐中的各種不同等級的青森。 當然,如果燒酒不是您的強項,他們也有傳統的雞尾酒和啤酒。 他們還提供食物菜單,展示一些沖繩最好的菜餚。

由於A-Sign Bar不是很大,所以我們不建議您和全體同事一起去,但他們有一個寬敞的櫃檯空間,可容納8人左右,後面還有一張桌子。 櫃檯的裝飾和設計的氛圍十分用心,用沙子裝飾的桌子,模仿海洋中光線折射的燈光,以及附近有海浪拍打的聲音,的確令人有置身海邊的悠閒感覺。 嘿,還有不得不提的背景音樂。這些音樂都是通過唱盤和唱片集合完成的,這樣音樂就不會與聲波發生衝突。 如果您真的不喜歡正在播放的音樂或想要提出特別請求,那麼這裡的店主會愉快地聽到您的意見,或者您可以選用他們有兩個的自動點唱機。 但請您記住,歌曲信息是用日文寫的,有需要的話絕對可以向店主查詢。


Bar Information

  • Everyday: 19:00-5:00
  • 2-7-7 Kitazawa, Setagaya City, Tokyo
  • 03-3481-5353
  • Table Charge: 500
    Drinks: 600~
    Food: 500~


Underground, Dive Bar, Themed, Chill, local

Japanese, International, early 20s, late 20s, early 30s, late 30s

All genre, Throwback


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