Fun Yokohama

This place is a bit more on the spacious side, as compared to most bars in Japan. Despite that, it has a very cozy, intimate feel to it. The tables and chairs are wooden, and they look like the kind you’d see in parks or at beaches. And the kind of casual, relaxed feeling you

John John Hot Dog

Hot dogs & Homemade Liquors Yokohama has a long history of bars rooted in the maritime era where a lot of western influence flowed through the port. Established in 1987, John John is one of those bars where you can feel the history through the walls, their wooden tables and the hospitality that is rare

Japanese Diner Nike

A Diner Run By A Diver This quaint little place caught our attention straight away. It looks cozy and casual and like a good place to have dinner in. And, it was. The food is delicious and if you didn’t enter hungry, you will be after watching all the food programs they play on their

Bar Soul On

Get your groove on In Yokohama is Bar Soul On, a soul music bar. The bar is drenched in red and purple lights, with the exception of wall lamps that put a spotlight on the paintings hung on the wall, most of them paying homage to soul music. There are also floor-to-ceiling windows at the


Yakouchuu defies description. Part of our job here at FLIP Guide is to visit bars and describe them. But, Yakouchuu defies description. I can tell you that there are neon lights all over the place, and that there are adorable light-bulb-turned-humidifiers that light up on the bar counter, and that there are rubber ducks everywhere.