Glass Onion

Home away from Home It’s easy to miss this tiny little bar and, believe me, I have, several times. Even when I’m looking for it. Glass Onion’s entrance is just a narrow staircase into the basement floor, no bright fluorescent sign boards or menu boards to otherwise advertise its existence. It’s a little gem that


Sashimi and Sake. Bonten finds the sweet spot between traditional and contemporary, maintaining an evocative Japanese exterior while incorporating a modern sign with an English translation of its name. It’s welcome to sight to any tourists looking for authenticity, but who don’t want to risk being turned away at the door! A traditional izakaya with

Jam Lounge

Gorgeous and unique interior with delicious cocktails Jam Lounge is located on the third floor of a skinny building in Takdanobaba. Stepping inside Jam Lounge, you are immediately blown away by the stunning decorations hanging on the walls. From a massive deer head, a cage full of lights to the wooden table top supported by

Garlic Chips

Garlic Chips reminds me of both Western saloons of old and English pubs, both of which I adore. The lacquered-wood bar counter and tables, the nice, warm lighting… All of it makes me feel so at home. Garlic Chips is the kind of place I could spend hours in, with a couple of good friends.