Gyoza Bar

This tiny little cafe can be found between Shibuya and Aoyama. This place serves delicious gyoza and other delightful bar foods. But what makes this different from other gyoza places is that they recommend pairing gyoza with wine! An odd combination we’ve not seen elsewhere. As its name suggests, the interior decor of the bar

Star Star

L.A. Meets The Midwest Star Star is round by the south side of Shibuya a little way from the station on the quieter, more corporate side of town. The bar itself is classy with just a tinge of grunge. For example, there’s very fine, comfortable seating available (classy). But, once, when we had too many


It Doesn’t Get More Japanese Than This If you crave an authentic, Japanese experience, Kushiro-ya will not let you down. It is a small underground izakaya (closest English translation is ‘tavern’). Their delicious food menu offers Hokkaido dishes made with fresh ingredients delivered directly from Hokkaido. English menus are also available upon request, so you’ll

Cafe & Bar R

A cafe during the day and a bar at night? #genius. CAFE&BAR R is tucked away on the east side of Shibuya, a short walk from the station. Expect a comfortable, homey feel that’s still edgy enough so you can justify drinking to your heart’s content whether it’s at lunchtime or after dark. They have

Shibuya Cafe Croix

Café Croix is the epitome of the word “café”: Hanging lights, dark wooden floors and tables. Unlike some on-the-go kind of cafés, Café Croix is a kind of place where you can slow down, relax and enjoy lunch with a coffee (or two). Their lunch menu features a delicious selection of dishes, all of which