Light Cafe & Bar

Beers, homemade meals and movie night Whether you want to have a nice lunch or some late drinks with friends, Light Cafe & Bar is able to cater to your needs. Their retro-inspired style and music make for a good atmosphere no matter the time of the day. The owner puts on daily movies in

Safari Safari

In the middle of the quiet streets of Koenji is Safari Safari: a bar with upbeat music and good drinks. There is energy and electricity in the air, so much so that when you’ve just entered the place, you may mistake it for a lively club instead of a chill bar. The staff is polite

El Portego

If you’re looking for an affordable and delicious Italian restaurant, then this spot is for you! El Portego is a cozy establishment in Koenji with delicious food and drinks, perfect for small groups and couples. We were brought here by an Italian friend who says the food is authentically Italian. On the menu they offer

A-Side Amusement Bar

A+ Amusement It had been years since I’d seen a foosball table, much less two in the same room, before walking into A-Side Amusement Bar. Challenge a friend to a game, knowing that professionals have used the exact same table as you as this bar has held both international and national competitions. If foosball isn’t

Kitchen Bar Noraya

Get’cha Matcha On Koenji is known for their many bars and restaurants, and hidden among those is a tiny place called Kitchen Bar Noraya. The place might be small but they make up for it with their delicious food and great drinks, becoming the perfect place for people who want to socialize without feeling like