Rooftop Butcher

Care for some meat, pizza, and drinks? Head to The Rooftop Butcher, an 8th-floor restaurant featuring a gorgeous outdoor terrace. A very friendly atmosphere that is perfect for a gathering with friends to enjoy a meal and/or drinks. With both Western and Japanese cocktails on the menu, there’ll be a drink to suit your tastes!

Bar Ohana

‘Ohana’ means ‘family’ ‘Ohana means ‘family’’ – a quote from the Disney movie Lilo & Stitch that feels very applicable here. This cute family-run pub is all warmth and quirkiness, from their selection of simple but unexpected cocktails (the Guava Sour, for example, is excellent) to their bonito-flake infused carbonara. On a street that is

Wine and Tapas Chill

Taste of Europe Just north of Kichijoji Station, Wine and Tapas Chill does exactly what it says on the tin! With a blend of French, Italian and Spanish cuisine, this chic eatery transports you from Kichijoji to the Mediterranean. The inviting, warm glow of exposed bulbs brings a contemporary edge to the classic combination of