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Japan Nightlife

Japanese nightlife is unique and diverse. Not just the famous and popular places, but there are so many unique and local spots for you to check out. From late-night restaurants, bars, clubs to entertainment lounges, we want to show you the best ways to enjoy Japan nightlife. 

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How we can help you explore Japan nightlife

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FLIP Tour bar hopping

Join us at our Bar Tour!

Depending on the night and the place we’ve decided on, we will meet either at the closest station or directly at the first location (Some stations are too hectic and we may have trouble finding each other in the crowds).

To kick off the night, we’ll all have a toast to an awesome night together at the first location. We will visit three to four bars/club in total.

Most bars that we visit will have delicious food options, so if you’re feeling peckish or looking for a late dinner, have no fear. Be ready to meet other travellers and have fun with everyone!

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