Preparing yourself for a night in Tokyo

Do you wonder if there’s a particular dress code for going out in Japan? What is there to bring for a night out? Are tattoos, sandals, shorts allowed? Let us answer your worries and help you prepare for your nights exploring the awesome Tokyo nightlife!

Preparing for a night out in Tokyo is quite easy relative to most countries. From cheap pre-games to lax dress code, all you really need is a buzzing energy and your PKW (Phones, Keys & Wallet).


Romantic spots to impress your date in Tokyo

It’s the day of love! Valentine’s Day is a holiday commonly associated with couples. But, it started as a holiday to celebrate love, both romantic and platonic. Let’s express our love not just for partners, friends or family, but also love for music, the arts, food, and drinks. Embrace the love in the air and let’s enjoy a delicious night out for this special occasion!

Have you got a special day planned for you and your significant other? If you’re out in Tokyo and looking for an intimate place to grab a drink or some food, here are some of our recommendations!


2019 is here! After the celebrations during Christmas and New Years, we are all finally settling  back into our routines. Marking down our New Year resolutions, we are so excited for the start of another amazing and exciting year!

Looking back in 2018, we have visited a high number of more than 200 bars, nightclubs and late night restaurants in the past 6 months! From the vivid Shinjuku, Shibuya and Roppongi to the local and hipster Nakano, Koenji and Shimokitazawa, we have chosen and selected the most unique and memorable ones to show you!