It’s almost impossible to come to Japan and never explore the beauty of Asakusa. This place is the home of the most traditional Japanese architecture such as the iconic Kaminarimon gate and the Sensoji Temple. In the Nakamise streets packed with more than 50 tiny shops, you’ll find the perfect Japanese sweets and gifts that

Manga, anime, idols and cosplay. These four words are the only way to explain the ever-growing popularity of Akihabara. With countless shops that sell character goods and costumes, this place is the spiritual home for all of the so-called “otakus” or anime lovers. While there are huge shops like Yodobashi Camera, electronic and tech lovers

Party Till Dusk in Roppongi

Looking for a city that never sleeps? Roppongi is where all of the big nightlife happens. If you’re craving a friendly atmosphere and an unrivalled alcohol and food selection, make sure you put Roppongi on the top of your to-do list. During the daytime, you can hit up the various museums, cinemas, and galleries of

Shibuya, where Fashion meets Parties

The hotspot for the latest trends? The iconic scramble crossing? Billboards gleaming in neon of every color? You guessed it—Shibuya has everything for the younger generations of Japan. Bursting with diverse cultures of all kinds, Shibuya is the place to find the hottest music, food, art, fashion and entertainment. Whether you’re a local or a

Shop, eat, party and drink—all in the district of Shinjuku. With massive department stores, museums, and even a park over at Shinjuku Gyoen, there’s something for everybody here in Shinjuku. If you’re into bar hopping, the red-light district Kabukicho is the ideal paradise for late-night izakaya lovers! From classic Japanese to international cuisines, you can