Spring has Sprung

This may just be a personal opinion but spring is probably the best time to be in Japan. As the cold weather leaves us, we can store away our coats until next year and finally soak up that sweet vitamin D. The spirit really livens, as people start to get out of their winter shells

Just when you think February is finished and all the heart-shaped confectionary and love festivities are done with, think again. White day, the counter holiday to Valentine’s day that only occurs in three countries around the world has arrived.

Get around Tokyo with FLIP Guide

After living in Japan for four years, I started getting bored with the same ordinary lifestyle, specifically the nightlife scene here. It was like being stuck in a rut, a stale routine of the same bars, the same clubs, the same all-you-can-drink that slowly became a fuzzy jumble. I wanted to bring life back into

Preparing yourself for a night in Tokyo

Do you wonder if there’s a particular dress code for going out in Japan? What is there to bring for a night out? Are tattoos, sandals, shorts allowed? Let us answer your worries and help you prepare for your nights exploring the awesome Tokyo nightlife! Preparing for a night out in Tokyo is quite easy

It’s the day of love! Valentine’s Day is a holiday commonly associated with couples. But, it started as a holiday to celebrate love, both romantic and platonic. Let’s express our love not just for partners, friends or family, but also love for music, the arts, food, and drinks. Embrace the love in the air and

Having previously worked in the craft beer industry, it’s no surprise that I’m a fan of good quality beer. I don’t often go out to Roppongi; however, when I do I always make sure to grab a pint (or two) at Two Dogs. Two dogs is great for a lot of occasions. I feel comfortable

You would be pleasantly surprised how many underground, secret bars there are in Tokyo! Instead of searching on Google and going blindly into the bars with the biggest and brightest signs, we have been exploring into small alleys and hidden corners, coming across all kinds of unique and amazing places. It is difficult to narrow

2019 is here! After the celebrations during Christmas and New Years, we are all finally settling  back into our routines. Marking down our New Year resolutions, we are so excited for the start of another amazing and exciting year! Looking back in 2018, we have visited a high number of more than 200 bars, nightclubs

For chill, laid-back Tokyo vibes (and something a little bit off-the-beaten-track) stop by Nakano for a drink or two! Just five minutes from Shinjuku on the train, Nakano is famous for Nakano Broadway Street (中野ブロードウェイ) , where you can find anime and specialized character goods, along with tiny izakayas and old-fashioned Japanese gourmet food. Be

Historical but modern, Azabu Juban is the home for the best restaurants and bars in Tokyo. A beautiful residential area in the city, Azabu Juban is where the traditional meets international. With restaurants serving traditional Japanese foods such as soba noodles and donburis, Western cuisines and trendy cafes can be found anywhere in the area