If you’re looking for a cozy district in Tokyo, make sure to stop by Koenji.

Easily accessible from Shinjuku, this place is a hub for vintage clothing, music of all genres, and unique bars.

Looking for a friendly place to drink? You’ll never regret wandering through the narrow alleyways—they’re packed with tiny pubs and bars owned by some funky locals. Enjoy drinking at affordable prices and dive into the different music/art subcultures that each place has to offer. Make sure to check out every corner, you never know what you’ll find! 


If you’re into the more indie, chill and laid-back vibe, Shimokitazawa is your go-to paradise.

Only a few stops from both Shibuya and Shinjuku, Shimokita has it all. Trendy cafes, cozy bars, vintage clothing shops, record stores, live houses, theatres and shisha cafes…are only just a few of Shimokita’s specialties. Whether you’re coming to Shimokita for the art, fashion, food or music, the cozy and intimate atmosphere of this district never disappoints.


I appreciate a bar that can capture my attention, whether it’s with its service, decor, crowd or otherwise. I’ve also always been a pub girl, because I love how I can spend hours and hours in one chatting with the people around me. Combine the two and you get the following list of bars that have absolutely captivated me and made me want to stay in them for hours on end.


Futsukayoi – Hangover

You wake up after a night of drinking, trying to piece together the few snapshot memories you have to figure out where it all went wrong. What was maybe just meant to be “one drink” turned to two..then maybe a couple shots and ending up in a club in Shibuya.

Then suddenly the dehydration kicks in and as you get up for a glass of that sweet H20, boom, the hangover takes over your life.