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Who are we

We are a group of diverse individuals living in Tokyo! 
We have explored every nook and cranny of Tokyo and have discovered many charming establishments full of personality that oftentimes are overlooked.
To remedy this, we created the FLIP Nightlife Guide so that we may share these establishments with travelers and locals who want more than just what's on the main street!

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I love FLIP Guide! It's a great way to find cool places in Tokyo according to what kind of vibe I'm looking for. It was easy to use and I loved the personalized aspect of it.


San Antonio, Texas
I came to Tokyo knowing I wanted to connect with others and find cool spots to hang out at. FLIP Guide was essential to helping me find these unique spots for my taste.


Paris, France
When I came to Tokyo, FLIP Guide’s curated feed facilitated some of the best nights out of my life. I’ll definitely be using it again. Awesome local spots for nightlife and food.


Berlin, Germany
FLIP Guide was a great resource for me while I was in Tokyo! I used it to find cool spots to eat and fun spots to go out to drink. I love the community aspect of it too.


Honolulu, Hawaii

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